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Buddhism for Health (BfH) was founded in 2004 and registered at the Cambodian Ministry of Interior as a non-profit humanitarian local Non-Government Organization, with Vision, Mission, Objectives, and the Core Value as bellows:


The Vision of BfH is to foster stronger community participation by the near-poor, poor, and marginalized population to ensure their social, physical, and mental well being.


The Mission of BfH is to allow the, near-poor, poor, and marginalized people to actively participate in constructive community dialogue to promote self-reliance and sustainability and develop appropriate local solutions to positively contribute to the issues affecting their health status.


A community capable of advancing its health through collaboration and coordination of all stakeholders with clarified roles and responsibilities

  • To facilitate constructive dialogue between community members and authorities to enable mutually accountable collaborations in pursuit of health
  • To promote self-reliance and sustainability by optimising the functioning of existing social structures and networks and use of local resources
  • To empower the community to develop and implement locally appropriate solutions to enable active participation in society by the respective poor and vulnerable


  • Buddhism for Health is a neutral, not-for-profit organization
  • Buddhism for Health promotes equity in health and aims for social accountability in the context of sustainable development
  • Buddhism for Health acts in accordance with the Buddhist principles.

The governing structure of Buddhism for Health consists of a General Assembly, a Board of Directors, and an Operation Team. The General Assembly is the highest-level body in the organization responsible for making decisions on policies, strategies and budgets and ensuring proper implementation of the vision, mission, objectives and values of the organization. The Board of Directors (BoD) is elected by the General Assembly and is in charge of developing policies, strategies and budget plans for the General Assembly.The BoD meets every three months to review the implementation of the project activities by the Operation Team and to provide advice and guidance for further improvement.

The operation team consisting of the Director, Managing Director and other senior officers, is responsible for planning, organizing, implementing, supervising, auditing, monitoring and evaluating all the project activities.

Presently, BfH has a total of 111 staff members, of whom 43 are females, and a total annual budget of approx. 2.4 Million USD.

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