Health Equity Fund helps the poor receiving proper healthcare in times of sickness


Mr. Pang Heng and Mrs. Soun Hun’s family resides in O Phot Lek village in Ang Roka Operational District of Takeo province, which located in a westerly direction along street No. 132 if traveling a distance of approximately 4 kilometers.
This village has a population of 355 people, 187 of whom are women. Out of the 71 families living in the village, 23 families have received Health Equity Fund cards. Most of the villagers are farmers, whereas some have sent their adolescent children to work in garment factories and construction sites.

Mrs. Soun’s family owns just 20 Ares of rice paddy land which produces approx. 400 Kg of rice per year, which lasts for only 5 to 6 months for family consumption. They also have a cow sharing arrangement with a neighbor, to get some additional income Mrs. Soun works as a dish washer at village functions such as wedding ceremonies.

Mrs Soun told a BfH’s agent that “my children get sick very often, we don’t have any savings as others families do, to meet medical expenses.”

Mrs. Continued “In fact, on January 03rd, 2015, I became sick and my husband sent me to the Ta Phem HC. Since my condition was fairly serious (severe gastritis), the HC referred me to the Ang Roka referral hospital.”

She added that: “I received good attention from the doctor, with excellent facilitation by the Health Equity Fund Operator’s staff. The Health Equity Fund paid 60,000 Riels for hospital user fees on my behalf, food allowance for my care taker for 6 days amounting to 30,000 Riels and 9,000 Riels for round trip transportation to and from my home. In total, the Health Equity Fund spent 99,000 riels on my behalf.

Without this valuable support from the Health Equity Fund my family and other poor families will not be able to receive proper healthcare in times of sickness, because of their inability to meet the expenses”.

Updated: September 7, 2015 — 11:21 am
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