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  1. (English) A Success Story of Community Managed Health Equity Fund
  2. សិក្ខាសាលា ស្តីពី​ និរន្តរភាពមូលនិធិសមធម៌សហគមន៍ (មសគ)
  3. សិក្ខាសាលាស្ដីពី និរន្តរភាពមូលនិធិសមធម៌សហគមន៍ (មសគ.)
  4. (English) CMHEF Meeting
  5. (English) Buddhism for Health Organisation
  6. (English) Job announcement
  7. (English) Social Health Protection in Partnership with GIZ – Progress Report in Q4, 2015
  8. (English) ស្រុក គិរីវង់៖ ប្រជុំពិភាក្សាអំពីគម្រោងមូលនិធិសមធម៌សហគមន៍ដែលសម្រេចបាន និង ការបង្ហើយការសាងសង់អាគារសម្រាកពេទ្យសម្រាប់ព្រះសង្ឃ Kiriovng District: Meetings to discuss the progress of Community Managed HEF Scheme and finalizing the hospitalization construction for monks
  9. (English) BfH is now seeking a qualified Cambodian candidate to fill the positions of Provincial Coordinator (01 position) in Pursat province Provincial, 3 Assistants to the Provincial Coordinator in Kampong Speu, Kampong Cham and Thbong Khmum
  10. (English) BfH is now seeking a qualified Cambodian candidate to fill the position of Community Facilitator (01 position based in Kep OD).
  11. (English) Announcement of CMHEF supporting transport cost for a caretaker accompanied with serious disabled beneficiary who seek for healthcare at HC
  12. (English) Village meeting to promote HEFs’ services to beneficiaries in a Muslim community in Preah Sihanouk Province
  13. (English) CMHEF of Steung Hav HC conducted its plenary meeting – Preah Sihanouk Province
  14. (English) BfH collaborated with Provincial Department of Planning to distribute the Equity Card round 8th and also promote HEFs services to the poor in Chhouk OD, Kampot Province
  15. (English) Health Equity Fund helps the poor receiving proper healthcare in times of sickness
  16. (English) BfH is urgently seeking for a qualified Cambodian candidate to fill the position of Health Equity Fund Community Facilitator based in Kampong Trach OD, Kampot Province
  17. (English) USAID OPHE Director Sheri-Nouane Duncan-Jones hands over a contribution box to a pagoda’s chief monk in Battambang
  18. (English) Pre-identified poor family in Prey Kabbas –after hospitalization, being able to harvest
  19. (English) New hope for Mr. San Yut and Mrs. Ken Sanh’s family
  20. (English) Extraordinary BfH’s Board of Directors Meeting Chaired by Dr. Bart Jacobs
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