Pre-identified poor family in Prey Kabbas –after hospitalization, being able to harvest


Mr. Horn Pea and Mrs. Thouch Vanny’s family is very poor and living in Champa village, Champa commune, Preykabas district of Takeo province. This village is located about 37 km north east of the Takeo town.

Their family circumstances were very difficult because their rice yield was very low. They planted some morning glory vegetables around their house and reared some chickens to supplement their income. They had no regular income from any source of employment. They had a difficult time, finding food for the family to eat. Sometimes, they didn’t have any rice to eat.

On September 10, 2014, his wife’s disease became very serious in the middle of the night and he had to take her to the Prey Kabas Referral hospital. The next morning, the BfH agents interviewed Mr. Pea to determine his financial status through poor identification in hospital (Post-ID). Soon after receiving the card, his wife became seriously ill, and the Doctor had to transfer her to the Takeo Provincial Hospital, to receive emergency care.

All costs related to Mrs. Vanny were covered by the HEF including treatment fees, food allowance of 5,000 riels per day for the caretaker and round-trip transportation costs also. During their 7 days stay in the hospital, the HEF covered amounting to a total of 209,000 riels.

Several weeks later, BfH staff visited to Mrs. Vanny’s house, and she told the staff that her health is now improved and strength to work and earn a living “Now, we need not worry about health issues. We have strength to plant morning glory vegetables, and enroll our child in school. Finally, I would like to thank very deeply the government and donors who provided funds as well as BfH staff to support and facilitate my family and would wish that this project will be continuing to provide this valuable service to poor people like ourselves”


Updated: September 4, 2015 — 4:28 pm
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