New hope for Mr. San Yut and Mrs. Ken Sanh’s family


Kampong village, Preah Bat Choan Chum Commune, Kirivong District of Takeo Province is located around 40 kilometers south of Takeo city, close to the border between Cambodia and Vietnam. It has a population of 1,054 households. Most of the villagers are engaged in farming, fishing and trading (grocery sellers). In addition to their primary income sources, some households grow vegetables, raise domestic animals, work as part-time laborers and in garment manufacturing organizations, to help support and improve their standard of living.

Mr. San Yut and Mrs. Ken Sanh live in Kampong village, with their children. Their family was classified as a poor family according to the criteria of the MOP. They have been issued a Health Equity Card bearing No. 21040202-0361. During a visit to his home by BfH field staff, Mr. San Yut described his family’s living conditions as follows:

“My family does not own any farmland. So I and my wife have to work hard to generate income to support our daily expenditure by providing various labor services for others. Despite our hard work, our living standard has not improved. We get sick very often”.

“In May 2014, I got a severe stomach ache; so my wife and children took me to Kirivong Referral Hospital in the morning. At that time I was in a serious condition. The next day, my wife brought my Health Equity Fund membership card to show the BfH staff for receiving support. BfH staffs who are based at the hospital told us that, since I have Health Equity Fund membership card, BfH will cover all the hospital user fees, food allowance and transportation. After 3-days of treatment at the hospital, my health condition did not improve. So the Doctor decided to perform a surgical operation to cure me of a hernia condition. During my 11-day stay at the hospital, the HEF spent 320,000 riels for user fees and 55,000 riels for caretaker. The total expenses on my behalf amounted to 375,000 riels. Without the assistance of the HEF, my family would have got in to debt for treating my sickness, because we do not have so much money to pay for this treatment. In case of subsequent sickness, I would not be worried because we have the HEF that would help pay for us through BfH. The BfH staffs were very friendly and helpful to us and the health service providers were very kind and treated us well”.

“Today, the living conditions of my family have improved thanks to my better health. I have regained my strength and am able to earn money by providing labor services such as carrying earth, cutting grass and removing weeds. I would like to take this opportunity to express my profound gratitude to BfH and its donors for providing a HEF card to my family and all other poor families. May God of the new year of the snake bless all staff of BfH at all levels, health service providers and donors with happiness and success in every task they undertake.”

Updated: September 4, 2015 — 11:41 am
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