Social Health Protection in Partnership with GIZ – Progress Report in Q4, 2015

Since August 2014, BfH in partnership with GIZ, has been successfully implementing CMHEFs (Community Managed Health Equity Funds) in all 43 Health Centers (HCs) of Kep, Kampot, Angkor Chey and Kampong Trach Operational Districts (ODs). The scheme is being managed and funded by local communities, including religious institutions such as pagodas and mosques, with the following objectives:

  • To improve access to healthcare for the most vulnerable groups – the elderly poor (EP) and People with Disabilities (PWDs) by provision of a complementary benefits package through the National Health Equity Fund (NHEF), which includes among other benefits, support for transport costs from their village to the health center.
  • To enhance community participation and social accountability in the provision of good quality healthcare services to the public.

The Client Satisfaction Survey is one of the social accountability tools that was officially endorsed by the Ministry of Health (MoH). This tool has been used by trained members of the CMHEF committees to collect people’s perceptions regarding the quality of public healthcare services both at Hospital and Health Center (HC) levels and provide regular feedback to the concerned stakeholders, with a view to improving quality of care. The scheme has been successful in greatly increasing access to public healthcare services for the target beneficiaries.

This report narrates the activities implemented by BfH in partnership with GIZ, during the period October to December 2015 in the ODs of Kep, Kampot, Angkor Chey and Kampong Trach. Some of the main activities carried out during this period are the expansion of the CMHEF in Kampong Trach and Angkor Chey ODs, the implementation of the Transport Voucher, the distribution of baby kits and a study of the healthcare seeking behavior of the Beneficiaries.

More details, please click the link here: Q4,2015 Implmtn Report Kpt-Kep for GIZ_TR –

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