The main strengths of CMHEF

leader group1The main strengths of CMHEF:

• The governance structure of a CMHEF is composed of a mixed membership, including local authorities, religious leaders, public service providers, and active community members, who also live in the same community together with the poor and vulnerable, with whom they can communicate easily and timely address the barriers to healthcare access for the vulnerable, with the support from their local CMHEFs.
• CMHEF benefits are flexible according to the needs of vulnerable people in the community, They also complement those of the national health equity fund and benefits being provided by local NGOs, (i.e. if any area has NGO support to an ART site, the CMHEF will support transport for PHLIV and TB patients in accessing Opportunistic Infectious (OI) disease treatment and general healthcare services etc. at health center)
• The CMHEF raises funds locally and manages it effectively to support vulnerable people in their community in a timely manner.

Updated: April 15, 2020 — 11:00 am
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