What We Do

BfH serves the poor and most vulnerable people in Cambodian society including the elderly poor, people with disabilities, poor pregnant women, vulnerable orphaned children, poor people suffering from HIV/AIDS and TB etc.

BfH has most recently supported the development of a large network of multi-stakeholder Community Managed Health Equity Fund (CMHEF) structures through the provision of coordination and technical support. This has included coordinating and working to develop and build the capacity of:

• 430 CMHEFs (274 are within 8 USAID target provinces)
• 5,317 Villages, 578 Communes, 63 Districts, and 12 Provinces
• 1,857 Participating Pagodas
• 174 Participating Mosques and other faith-based organizations
• 18,046 Volunteers, citizens, monks, imams, local authority representatives

Through the CMHEF scheme, BfH works as a catalyst in collaboration with local communities and has developed strong and trusting relationships with target community members as well as the local authorities and other related stakeholders. The communities’ trust in BfH as a neutral and credible broker is expressed in their willingness to financially contribute to the activities stimulated by BfH to support their local community members. Where BfH has its staff members or volunteers in those communities, they have been able to represent BfH in terms of overseeing transparent processes for a minimal resource investment. One of BfH’s key roles is to build relationships between the monks and local authorities to ease any potential local conflicts and so that Buddhist principles can be applied throughout the project activities.

A database records gender and disability disaggregated data and collects relevant information related to activities and project delivery

Through assistance from previous donors, BfH has been assisted to develop and implement robust monitoring and evaluation systems including a Logical Framework which maps achievements against objectives and indicators and ensures that all activities are implemented in a timely and efficient way.

Updated: April 24, 2020 — 3:49 pm
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